AP Benson consultants have a record as innovators and of supporting innovation in client organisations.

In particular, we have experience in assisting clients in developing new products and services in a range of sectors, including:

Experience: Strong
Information and Communications Technologies: Work with ICT businesses producing a range of software and ICT systems: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), healthcare/biosciences, environmental and bespoke software development.

Business and Professional Services: Engagements with lean manufacturing consultants, SA Partners, building control/engineering consultancy, HCD Group, and consulting engineers , TES Aviation. Work with banks, unit trust managers and venture capital groups.

Automotive, Aerospace and Motorsport: Delivery of Accelerate strategy development networks working with automotive component suppliers in the West Midlands. Engagements with aerospace and motorsports suppliers.

Medical and Healthcare Technologies: Engagements with clients in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare and health informatics. Development of healthcare related software businesses in the UK and overseas.

Experience: Good
Media: Work with developers of tools used in producing movies and computer games. Engagements involving graphic design, radio, and television, web and online services.

Environmental Technologies: Recently engaged by "WRAP" based on work with lead acid battery recyclers, medical devices recycling, bioremediation, and environmental modelling.

Building Technologies: Developing digital business networks in social housing supply chains, Engagements with a building control/engineering consultancy, HCD Group.

Experience: Some
Experience working in the Tourism and Leisure, Food and Drink and High Value Consumer Products sectors.