Impact Studies



Impact studies assess the contribution of a particular sector, company or investment project.   The contribution may be to the company or organisation undertaking an investment, to their clients, or, for example, to a regional or national economy.   Economic impact studies typically quantify the total economic impact in four broad categories:

Direct, measurable impacts - quantifying fiscal, employment or other tangible changes due to an intervention.   We can also seek to capture and evaluate less tangible benefits.
Indirect impacts - for example on a supply chain, or on competitors in a sector
Induced impacts - including increased spending in a sector, company or by new and existing employees
Catalytic or spillover impacts - looking at more far reaching effects in the economy

AP Benson has experience in undertaking this type of work on behalf of public sector clients, including regional government and a range of private sector clients, including private equity and venture capital investors considering investment in a sector.